Bell Tower Pictures is on the web

This has been an exciting week for The Prodigal Project.

On Wednesday, we had a consultation (via Skype) with an Emmy Award-winning writer who provided some welcome affirmation and helpful guidance on our screenplay.

On Thursday, our Production Team met and reviewed the preliminary budget. We had a vigorous discussion about the screenplay. And we set some short-, medium-, and long-range goals that will move us toward production.

cc369aa6c24da5762b5a845c991e1b36_largeThursday evening, I happened upon a project in Birmingham, Alabama – a short film, “Visitor to Virgin Pines.” The log line sounds intriguing: “He didn’t know her story. She didn’t know his. But on a night before Christmas they trade secrets. And that might be the secret to forgiving each other.” The trailer looks great. The writer/producer/director and I have exchanged a few emails. Even from this brief contact, I’ve sensed a kindred spirit and have become excited about his project. Can’t wait to see the finished film. It encourages me to know there are other folks out there telling great stories that reveal spiritual truth.

The buzz is picking up. Almost every day, someone else contacts me asking to be involved in the project in some way. Their interest and enthusiasm is contagious.

And this morning (thanks to Daniel Hocutt) our website (, Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube channel went live. Check them out. “Like” us, follow us, subscribe, and sign up.

More exciting developments coming soon.

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  1. David, this is the first I have heard of BellTower. It sounds amazing and so exciting. Let me know if I can do anything to help out. Kaky

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