Prodigal Project update

one-sheet-thumbnailIt has been awhile since my last update on the film. Not because nothing’s been happening, though. We’re making progress… slow and sure.

Sometimes I get anxious and frustrated. In the TV world, where I’ve spent most of my life, things happen much faster. In the “film biz,” progress is measured in months and sometimes years. But that’s the nature of the beast, so I’m learning to deal with it.

Here’s where we are…

Fundraising: Nothing’s real until the money’s in the bank. So raising the funds we need for production is the first priority and is taking most of my time these days. As of today, we have $265,000 committed to the project. We need a minimum of $500,000 – so we’re over the hump. Ultimately, we need to raise $750,000 to take care of marketing & distribution. We’re continuing to seek potential donors and applying for grants from foundations. Want to donate? You can do so here.

Cast & Crew: We’ve not done any casting yet. We won’t begin working on that until we’re closer to the funding goal. But we have begun putting the major crew department heads in place.

Among those already attached to the project, and some of the previous projects in which they’ve been involved…

  • Ken Roy, Line Producer – Lincoln, Mickey, John Adams, Hearts in Atlantis, Killing Kennedy, Blues in the Night
  • Rich Wills, Producer – Lincoln, Civil War 360, TURN, Troop 491
  • Jon Nelson, Director of Photography – First Landing, Gospel of Liberty
  • Richard Blankenship, Production Designer – Lincoln, TURN, John Adams, Captain Phillips
  • Jim Ed Wills, Editor – Lincoln, TURN, Troop 491, Killing Kennedy

Partnerships: We’re structuring our production company, Belltower Pictures as an independent non-profit corporation focused on producing, promoting and distributing high quality Christian-themed films, television and web projects… and to be an incubator for the next generation of Christian filmmakers… and to offer a way for people of diverse faith traditions to come together and work on a common goal. To that end, we’re constantly in conversations with churches and other organizations to forge partnerships, not only for this film but also for future projects.

Distribution: We’ve already begun developing potential distribution channels. A representative of a major film distributor recently told us, “The script covers a timely subject/scenario ripe for comedy… We’re rooting for you guys to pull the rest of the finance together and make the film, the market needs more comedies.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with the film, jump over to the Belltower Pictures website and sign up to receive updates.

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