Story and Passion

Story and passion were consistent themes at the Film-Com Financing, Packaging and Distribution Market in Nashville in June.

Knowledgeable panelists dropped valuable tidbits of wisdom and advice, such as…

mitchheadshotMitch Galin (“Apostles of Comedy”) on the abundance of opportunities and the need to keep focused on the main thing: “When I started out, there were three buyers (of TV programs: ABC, CBS, NBC). Now there are 57. It’s the wild west out there. But at the end of the day, we’re storytellers. No matter what the platform, the story’s the thing.”

440px-Chris_Kelly_-_FacebookChris Kelly (former Facebook executive, now working with online independent film distribution platform “There is no TV or film, just longform and shortform. It is all storytelling.”


gil adlerGil Adler (producer of “Superman Returns,” “Tales from the Crypt” and many, many others), on developing your ideas: “Go with your passion!”

vince-lombardiVince Lombardi (he wasn’t in attendance, of course, but one of the panelists quoted him) on the need for believing passionately in your project: “If you’re not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.”

Story and passion. Before and after all the visual effects, marketing hype, all-star casts and directors, and hundred-million-dollar budgets invested in some major motion pictures… the story’s still the thing. And it takes a burning passion to overcome all the obstacles and get anything to the screen these days.

On matters of story and passion, independent filmmakers are on a level playing field with the major studios.

And it still takes more time to raise the money than it does to make the movie!

small_webEisenbergAnd speaking of money, here’s my favorite quote from the week, a slightly irreverent quip by Joel Eisenberg on the nature of the business: “Everything is BS until the check clears.” And someone quickly added, “Then the lawsuits start!”

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