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DEP-2013-Headshot-cropped-for-webThese days, in semi-retirement, I’m free to follow my passion as a producer, writer, director, videographer, filmmaker, and editor.

My current project is a documentary about people living in public housing projects. The working title is HOME. Check it out: HOME

For six years, I produced a monthly news & feature program (“Missions Update”) on a national cable television network (ACTS).

I led the Communication Ministry of Richmond’s First Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia for 20 years before “retiring” in 2013.

Now I’m serving as President of Belltower Pictures, a non-profit company that produces, promotes and distributes high quality films, television and web projects. Our vision is to entertain, inspire and educate, telling great stories that make a positive difference in the world.

I directed our first feature film, By the Grace of Bob. It’s a lighthearted film that trumpets diversity, kindness, acceptance, and love against the backdrop of a church group filming a contemporary retelling of the Prodigal Son story — complete with a Muslim actor, an African-American director of photography, a gay costume designer, a Jewish director, and a goat. The film uses humor and an age-old parable to reveal a healing path and a healthy, redemptive alternative for this polarized culture in which we live. The film is available on Amazon and other digital platforms.

I’ve worked as a television news reporter and anchor, as production coordinator for the International Mission Board, and as a video producer/director and communication director in churches.

I’ve traveled and worked in 25 countries on five continents and throughout the United States. Among the variety of projects I’ve produced  and directed:

  • Feature films
  • Award-winning Christmas music specials for broadcast
  • Capital fundraising videos
  • Short video features on missionaries serving around the world
  • Music videos
  • Commercials

It has been a great ride so far… and it is far from finished. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the second half of life.

2 thoughts on “Who is this guy?”

  1. Hi David…enjoying reading your blog/insights! Have many great memories of VA and trust all is well with you and your family. If you are ever out our way ( San Francisco area), please give us a call. By the way our Aaron and his young family now live in Manassas Park (too far away for very many “Grammy” visits!). Blessings to all…Janet Prescott

  2. Good to hear from you, Janet. All is well on this coast. We still miss you, Glenn, Aaron & Megan.

    We’re setting one of the scenes of the Prodigal Project in Frisco. Perhaps we could call on you for some logistical help when we’re shooting there? I’m sure you can fit another 20-30 people into your house for a couple of weeks, can’t you. 🙂

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