SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL world premiere announced

Byrd TheatreI’m excited to announce that the world premiere of SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL will take place March 3, 2016, as the red carpet opening night feature of the Richmond International Film Festival at the historic Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia.

SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is a satirical faith-based comedy set in south Alabama where a brash, young Jewish film student from New York, Josh Blume (played by Sterling Hurst) tries to help an overly zealous Baptist preacher, Brother Bob Cross (played by Paul Wilson) and his church make a movie about the prodigal son.

It is a story about acceptance and inclusion. As the preacher and his congregation try to accept the “outsiders” who gather to make the movie, they are challenged to expand their “comfortable Christian nest,” as Brother Bob learns by making new friends and re-thinking old relationships.

Trailer and additional information available on the website: Like our Facebook page to keep up with new developments, screenings and release dates, which we’ll announce in the coming weeks. But for now, mark the date on your calendar and join us on the red carpet for the premiere March 3. I look forward to seeing you there!

It’s a film… and a confession


Shooting the Prodigal posterAfter six years in development and production, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL is complete. I hope it is the first of many from Belltower Pictures, the non-profit film company we launched in 2012 with the mission to “entertain, inspire and tell great stories that reveal spiritual truth.”

Right now we’re sharply focused on distribution and marketing plans for the film. There will be announcements about premiere & release dates, strategic partners and other news in the coming weeks.

I will use this blog to share some of the stories from the journey. And I also want to engage you in conversation around the themes in the film, the most prominent of which are acceptance and inclusion.

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The Green Light

iStock_000031130670Large-720x380After five years in development, SHOOTING THE PRODIGAL got the Green Light in December.

Lord willing, principal photography will begin in June. We’ve begun casting, scouting locations, hiring crew, advertising for interns and volunteers, and fine-tuning the script.

Barbara Mait has come aboard as Executive Director of Belltower Pictures. She’ll keep the production company going while I turn my attention to directing the film. Ken Roy and Heather Waters have joined me as producers for the project.

So you probably won’t see many posts on my blog for the next several months. When we finish, I look forward to sharing the many stories that are sure to unfold. Until then… please pray for us.


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