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Watch where you’re going, honey.

It is a beautiful spring day, so I went for a walk in Dorey Park this morning.

Hardly a cloud in the sky, a crisp 55 degrees, light breeze… nature seemed to breathe a deep, satisfying “Ahhhhh!” following a long winter.

As I rounded the lake, a group of two grandparents, a mom and two children were coming toward me. One of the children, a little eight-year-old-ish boy focused on the ducks who were swimming rapidly toward him. He never looked away from the them as he wandered across the path, right toward me.

Dorey Park
Dorey Park photo by Devra Powers

As we were about 10 feet apart, the mom took notice and gently exhorted her son, “Watch where you’re going, honey.” The little boy quickly looked up and swerved, allowing me to pass on the edge of the path.

The thought occurred to me that some people go through life like that little boy: focused on their own agendas, distractions, priorities, and goals… oblivious to other people and the effects their actions have on those around them.

You see it everywhere: on the highway, in business, in government, in families, and sadly — in churches.

The world needs more people like that mom in Dorey Park, who will gently guide their children into awareness of their surroundings and the effects of their actions. And do it with kindness… not yelling and stifling his spirit.

The world needs more people like that little boy will grow up to be — aware of the needs of others and willing to make course adjustments for the sake of civility and courtesy. (While maintaining a healthy focus on their priorities and a lively curiosity about the distractions in life.)

And the world needs more people who will respond to the absence of those characteristics in other folks (like I hope I would have done this morning) by making their own course adjustment with a smile and an awareness that we all sometimes forget the lessons our mothers taught.